3rd Grade                                  Mrs. Reese                     May 22 - 26th                   4 weeks of school left

Math  Fractions, Logical Reasoning, & Decimals

Students are also  individually working on math, in IXL.com  to fill in the gaps where students do still not understand the standards for 3rd grade.

Vocabulary –  C27 spelling words: spider, water, wanted, bottles, butter, middle, littlest, paddle, hurting, battery, cattle, handle, letter, ladder, bitter, cardboard, highway, and quicksand. Challenge words are bandage & tasted.  Dictation sentences:  1.  Ew! There’s a spider on the wall.   2.  If we are going to take the canoe onto the lake, we’ll need another paddle.


ReadyGen (new curriculum) Unit 1 Module B Lesson 17-18.  Use details to compare text.

Writing – Informational Writing - Explanatory

Social Studies –  Junior Scholastic  The Current Events Magazine - How Protest Shaped America & Are We Too Wired?

Science – Chapter 11  Lesson 3 & 4- Forces and Motion

Scholastic News -  Otter on the Job

READING LOGS are due on Friday

Important Dates

5/22 & 5/23  MAP Testing 8:15 am

5/24  ASB Fun Run - Volunteers Needed about 1-3 pm

5/26 Walking field trip to P.O. County Library to learn about maps and compasses. 12:30-2 Please join us.

5/29 No School

6/2 Fur Festival Field Trip - leaving at 8:15 am returning 2:45 pm

6/6 Elementary Field Day

6/9 Elementary Awards Assembly at 9 am

  • Classroom snacks

Elementary Office                              509-445-0361                          creese@cusick.wednet.edu